ATYRAU – Kazakhstan

Located at the mouth of Ural river, divides Europe and Asia continents. Regarding trip advisors previously read extensively,  there is nothing interesting to see in Atyrau. Of course we didn’t believe such a thing and went to explore the city like many others. And yes – we were right. There are things to see. And … More ATYRAU – Kazakhstan

ALGA – Kazakhstan

Alga is a ghost city around 45km south from Aqtobe, Kazakhstan. We have decided to visit Alga because of its past. It used to be a city famous for its plant (factory) celebrating the “golden age” of soviet times. There used to be a chemical phosphate plant that was giving a job to thousands of people. … More ALGA – Kazakhstan

AKTOBE – Kazakhstan

It was not planned at all, but somehow we appeared in Aktobe (Aktyubinsk). A City located at the north-western part of Kazakhstan has nothing interesting to offer as per suggested web sites. However, we gave a try. As per the history, the city offers an interesting mixture of original Slavic settlers that migrated there hundreds … More AKTOBE – Kazakhstan

BISHKEK- Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek is famous mostly as a step country for its easy visa policy. Nobody comes to Bishkek, everybody crosses Bishkek, requesting a visa for other countries around. Our case wasn’t different. Since my Kazakh Tourist Visa was about to expire and the only country where visa free regime is applicable, a trip to Kyrgyzstan was … More BISHKEK- Kyrgyzstan


After living almost for 3 years in Kigali, it is difficult to come to a neutral conclusion. We will try to make a general story of what we were living and about places we have visited – not so many actually. We are not going to enter into what happened years ago in Rwanda, and we … More KIGALI-Rwanda


After visiting Accra it is obvious the enormous difference between East and West Africa. Accra is just not safe at all. The capital has very little to offer. Poverty and delinquency, this is what I remember from Ghana. The first of “must sees” is the James Town Lighthouse. Check the history online. Now the reality … More ACCRA-Ghana