After visiting Accra it is obvious the enormous difference between East and West Africa. Accra is just not safe at all. The capital has very little to offer. Poverty and delinquency, this is what I remember from Ghana.

The first of “must sees” is the James Town Lighthouse. Check the history online. Now the reality – full of dirt, goats laying down at the street. We have been attacked by a group of four men – one holding a shaving razor asking for money. Razor itself was small and innocent – but those men, well… jumping to one of the cars at the street was the easiest solution. And this happened at 11AM.



A few beaches can be seen from James Town. Once seen from distance, it is better to avoid. If you are lucky enough, you can see some brown water, if you are not that lucky – you will probably see only tons of rubbish with cows walking on the steaming top.


Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum. Well. A thumb. And a statue. Memorial park was a nice walk. The museum is basically one room with broken articles and rats all over.

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Makola Market is a local market, you can basically get everything from food to phone covers.

After seeing what Accra is, we decided to give a chance to a southern region. Kakuma park and Elmina Castle. The best option is to hire a personal taxi driver.

The best option is to get to Kakuma before 8AM, so you should leave Accra around 4AM. After buying the entrance tickets, we were asked to sit out at the terrace and wait until the group is completed. Perfect time for breakfast (pack your sandwich). There are a few interesting “packages” you can buy once in Kakuma, but the most interesting is the Canopy Walk and Hiking with guide. We have see giant forest ants, so have full shoes.


The Elmina Castle is worthy of visit. It is around 3 hours by car without traffic. It   is the oldest European building across Sahara, it was the first trading post on the Gulf of Guinea. The history of it is very long and interesting, check it on the web.

What lonely planet doesn’t tell you is how to get safe there. We went without a guide, by ourselves. There are many traders, youngsters waiting for tourists to get closer to the Elmina gate, and then they hit. Touching, selling, shouting, screaming, trying to sell you a bracelet of whatever they have. Pretty annoying.

Once returning to our taxi, a drugged guy perused us until we reached the car, drawing hearts at the taxi door and shouting nasty things… another example of Ghanaian cultural agenda.



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