BISHKEK- Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek is famous mostly as a step country for its easy visa policy. Nobody comes to Bishkek, everybody crosses Bishkek, requesting a visa for other countries around.


Our case wasn’t different. Since my Kazakh Tourist Visa was about to expire and the only country where visa free regime is applicable, a trip to Kyrgyzstan was the easiest option. From Almaty bus station it take about 3-4 hours by micro bus. The bus leaves when it is full, no fixed schedule. The trip costs 1600TT per ticket per person. If you decide to take a private taxi on the street, it shouldn’t cost you more then 50EUR.

Meanwhile your visa is getting ready (4 working days), you can see a few interesting things in the city. Bishkek is a pretty new city. It used to be a caravan rest stop on the Silk Road, but the city how we know is nowadays was established by Russians. Almost everything you see there was constructed around 50ties. You can feel this soviet spirit everywhere you go.


At the Ala-Too Square you can see the guard change every hour.



Just a few meters from the main square there is a “lunapark”. It is one of the strangest things I have ever seen, a funfair from early 80ties. Full of bizarre articles, quantum of nice pictures can be taken.


Osh Bazaar is a must, it has various entrances and its enormous. Mostly food and clothes, but also you can find some nice hand made articles from silk and wool.


If you are looking for antiques, then visit TSUM mall upstairs. It is possible to find many articles from ex soviet Union of value.


A statue of Lenin is placed at the small square just behind the National Museum, just behind Ala-Too Square.


The day I visited Bishkek there was a political campaign of communist party in the park opposite of the Museum. Russian music, decorations in propaganda style, local food…


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