ASTANA – Kazakhstan


Being based in Almaty, we decided to have a trip to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The most convenient option was to take a flight (Qazaq Air, Air Astana – reliable airlines), however we decided to travel by TALGO train – glamour. After almost 12 hours of travelling and having 2 beers at the dining vagon, we finally arrived to Astana. The temperature was shocking. It might be up to 20 degrees plus or minus comparing to Almaty!


Almaty used to be the capital of the country, however, this was replaced by Astana in 1997. Our Kazakh friends explained us that Almaty suffers from heavy earthquakes from time to time. To invest in a modern city would be waste of money if another heavy earthquake hits the area. This is a reason why Astana became a new capital – seismic free, perfect for investments…despite of super cold weather during the winter. 


To us, it looks like Dubai, with a lot of potential for further grow. Modern buildings are impressive. We do not understand much about the architecture, but what was surprising is the fact that you can hardly find people around the new city.


Perfect alienation. This is how we perceive the most famous buildings of Astana – a Norman Foster designed Khan Shatyr Shopping Mall, a Baiterek Tower, a Presidential Palace and a Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. It is really not exaggerating when saying that Astana is weird. You can check this article for reference.


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