AKTOBE – Kazakhstan

It was not planned at all, but somehow we appeared in Aktobe (Aktyubinsk). A City located at the north-western part of Kazakhstan has nothing interesting to offer as per suggested web sites. However, we gave a try. As per the history, the city offers an interesting mixture of original Slavic settlers that migrated there hundreds year ago. So you can see beautiful Orthodox Church. Just at the opposite side you can find a Mosque called Nurdaulet. Opera, Museum, Football Stadium… The monument of Abul Khair Khan can also be seen at the Abulkhair Avenue. 



A Giraffe thing

Well. Until here with a boring “must see” things. Here we come with a bit of excitement. Once you feel there is nothing more to see to make you shiver, you encounter a giraffe (!) in a public park. First you can smell it, of course, and second – you can’t believe your eyes. There is it. A giraffe. Settled in the middle of a cage. Investigating a little, we have found this article that shocks even more than a giraffe itself.





There are many bizarre things all over the city. Especially an “artistic” call of nature. In every single park there are animal statues, placed in a row in very peculiar way. Also, we found may secret messages of love at the walls buildings.


But the most fascinating message was a statue of Lenin, replaced from its original main square and put to a small park in a common zone. The plus is, that they did not remove or destroyed the statue of “father of revolution”.



Citizens of Aktobe have a good sense of humor. Obviously, they have already passed the dark (bright?) history of socialism/communism. For those who are in doubts, kindly visit a restaurant-bar named Retro Café Udarnik. The food is excellent, the vodka is cheap and the ambient is just super, and the disco is..well…very 80ties.



Next stop… Coyote bar:-)


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