ATYRAU – Kazakhstan

Located at the mouth of Ural river, divides Europe and Asia continents. Regarding trip advisors previously read extensively,  there is nothing interesting to see in Atyrau. Of course we didn’t believe such a thing and went to explore the city like many others. And yes – we were right. There are things to see. And yes, they are fascinating.


During landing at Atyrau region, it was possible to observe this frozen land from the air, and yes – it is so plain and huge white kingdom. Even the Ural river is completely frozen..looks like a giant white snake. Atyrau is different from the other cities in Kazakhstan – large and flat, a mixture of modern and traditional buildings. A piping system goes up the ground due to cold temperatures, so many cats find it comfi to sleep on the top.


Not an easy task to walk on the frozen snow.  It is slippery and difficult. We crossed about 2 km in almost 4 hours…




We have been very lucky because during our stay temperatures dropped down to minus 15. Walking through the frozen river of Ural was a strange sensation.. well, until we heard loud crack on the ice. Fishing is the favourite activity of Atyrau people. Gathering together around a whole in the ice, chatting and waiting for a fish to be caught. We found it relaxing despite of freezing weather.


Many things have changed during past 30 years… but those majestic buildings built in 60ties and 70ties stay still…


thumb_IMG_8792_1024The local market in Atyrau – Dina market, offers fresh meat, vegetable and other. It results a bit shocking to see dropping blood and bowels.



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